Unlock Solar Revenue Potential: An Interview with Matt Herman.

Posted by Dawn Hapgood

9/27/21 4:00 PM


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Our competitors have their pricing all wrong

Posted by Piper Foster Wilder, CEO

9/10/20 10:04 AM

If you’ve looked at other maintenance software, you know that 60Hertz CMMS’ competitors have it all wrong: every maintenance management software platform charges based on the number of users. The more employees or users, the more the annual cost. Which means your already tight budget just gets tighter. 

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Topics: field service management, Remotemaintenance, RemoteCMMS

Remote Maintenance - Essential to Rural Power

Posted by Tonya James, Cofounder

5/15/20 3:46 PM


Who is an essential worker?

Turns out even part-time microgrid employees are, but it was news to some of them.

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